Environment and forestry Policy

This policy applies to all of Gestion Forestière Lacroix’s forestry activities and it reflects the company’s environmental and forestry vision. It incorporates the environmental management standards of ISO 14001 and the principals of responsible forest management established by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) (FSC-C113535) for Canadian forests. Gestion Forestière Lacroix’s commitment related to environmental and forest management is as follows:

  • Respect the laws and regulations that apply to its forestry activities as well as other standards which the company adheres to, including international agreements which Canada is signatory to;
  • Respect the laws and treaty rights as well as the traditional uses by First Nations communities in proximity to the territory under forest management;
  • Encourage of employees and interested parties to contribute to the planning process of forest management;
  • Develop forest management plans which aim to use renewable resources, the protection of the environment, diminish the impact and adapt to climate change and the protection of biodiversity.
  • Integrate the management of the environmental aspects into its activity planning and preventing pollution when carrying out its activities;
  • Identify and ensure the protection of forests which have an important conservation value;
  • Protect its forest territories from all illegal harvest and other illegal uses or activities;
  • Provide a safe work environment for its employees and contractors which encompasses respectful relations and the respect of employment and human rights legislation;
  • Offer opportunities for continuous improvement to its personnel and the employees of its contractors in order to maintain competency levels;
  • Integrate innovative technologies and forest management practices which reflect the commitment to continuously improve its procedures.
  • Support research and development of expertise in order to improve environmental and forestry management.
  • Incorporate a management review process which evaluates the progress made in environmental and sustainable forest management; 
  • Submit its activities to periodic third party evaluation and publish the results of the evaluation of its forest management. 

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